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Hookah has been into existence since 1500 and was originated in Iran. Eventually it spread across the globe and became a status symbol for the wealthy. However, with the changing times, hookah smoking has become common and an entertainment for people.

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Hookah Hut Lounge offers a very large selection of Hookah Tobacco, Pipes, Hoses, Mesquite Ice Tips, Bowls, Charcoals, Bases, and accessories for you to choose from. Come find out why more people choose Hookah Hut as the premier Hookah Supply in Texas. We offer the best Hookah flavors at an affordable rate, catered to each customer’s individual taste.

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Welcome to Hookah Hut Lounge

Enjoy the freshness of flavoured hookahs and experience the fumes of royalty with the variety of hookah flavours. Enjoy your time with your friends and family. Our experienced hookah preparers provide the master crafted organic hookahs and bring you the unforgettable memories to take back home.
Get the customized hookahs to fit your taste buds. Our service staff is always on their toes to deliver the customers with the best of what they ask for.
We are home to end number of Hookah flavours and also serve scrumptious snacks and other beverages. Choose from our wide array of organic Hookah and Eating and drinking options.

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