About Us

Hookah has been into existence since 1500 and was originated in Iran. Eventually it spread across the globe and became a status symbol for the wealthy. However, with the changing times, hookah smoking has become common and an entertainment for people.

Hookah Hut Lounge is one of the top most and best hookah lounges and hookah bars in Carrollton, TX, USA. It is on a mission to provide its customers with a very unique and remarkably enriching hookah breathing experience by offering exceptional Shisha and other top level services.



We strive to provide the luxurious and royal taste of our variety of hookahs in a place which uniquely belongs to our customers. Our hookah lounge is the right fir for your hang out with your friends or on a date. Our friendly and attentive staff is always making sure that the guests of our hookah lounge do not remain deprived of any of our best offerings and what all they ask for.

We provide casual and comfortable seating to ensure that your stay with us is pleasurable for you.  Our hookah flavours are customizable and hence you can select your favourite flavour and do not have to compromise.

Apart from this, we have a wide collection of entertainment resources inside our hookah bar. While enjoying the breath with hookah flavour, you can play some indoor games as well like chess, carom etc.

Visit today with your friends and family and spend a quality time while enjoying the hookah with amazing drinks and appetizers.