Hookah Hut Products

Hookah Hut Lounge offers a very large selection of Hookah Tobacco, Pipes, Hoses, Mesquite Ice Tips, Bowls, Charcoals, Bases, and accessories for you to choose from. Come find out why more people choose Hookah Hut as the premier Hookah Supply in Texas. We offer the best Hookah flavors at an affordable rate, catered to each customer’s individual taste.

Our Best Glass Hookah Pipes

We have every shape, color, and size for you to choose from. Come by and see which one fits your personality best. You can customize your equipment with stylish hoses, bowls, and even Mesquite Ice Tips for the extra cool smoke everyone is talking about.

Every Hookah Pipe needs a nice bowl. Our extensive selection will not disappoint. If you are looking to upgrade or shopping for your first setup, we can help you with our large selection.

Our Hookah Hoses

Hookah hoses come in many shapes, sizes, and lengths. Try our Mesquite Ice Tips for the coolest most refreshing smoke you have ever experienced. Everyone seems to be talking about our Mystic Ice Tips – come find out what all the buzz is about.